About Pigskin.Ninja

Welcome to Pigskin.Ninja.  This site is a resource for football players, coaches, fans, writers, and gamers to learn and discuss how the game is played.   More specifically, this site is about the schemes and techniques used on the field to play sound fundamental football and win games from the junior level to the professional game.

A note from Eric, the administrator –

As of November 25, 2014, I am working on a daily basis to upload content for this newly created site.  While the site may be currently very sparse, a comprehensive spectrum of football fundamentals, schemes, techniques, terminology, and playbooks is in the works and on the way to the site.  Check back in the coming weeks to see what’s new as the site is being built, playbook pdf downloads are being offered, and diagrams are being drawn up and posted.  A full glossary of terms and phrases will be built.  Thanks for visiting, and feel free to leave comments or suggestions.  If you prefer email, contact me at eric@pigskin.ninja .

NCAA field
A sneak preview of the back drop that will be used for diagrams, scaled down.

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